Sean Young, PhD, MS
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
Specialization: Behavior Change


Eleazar Eskin, PhD
Associate Professor of Human Genetics and Computer Science
Specialization: Big Data Informatics

Wei Wang, PhD
Professor of Computer Science
Specialization: Big Data and computational models

Noah Goldstein, PhD, MA
Associate Professor of Management and Organization
Specialization: Organizational Behavior


Thomas Coates, PhD
Professor of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology

Steve Shoptaw, PhD
Professor of Family Medicine and Psychiatry

Michael Rodriguez, MD, MPH
Professor of Family Medicine

Lillian Gelberg, MD
Professor of Family Medicine

Todd Pressner, PhD
Professor of Germanic Studies and Jewish Studies

Daniel Oppenheimer, PhD
Professor of Marketing

Aydugan Ozcan, PhD
Professor of Electrical Engineering

Alex Bui, PhD
Associate Professor of Radiological Sciences

Pamina Gorbach, DrPh, MHS
Professor of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases